I'll Study Tomorrow so I Can Learn Today

I’m sure many of my friends back home are enjoying the comforts of the library and labs at the moment. I want to wish everyone good luck on their exams. To those crossing the long awaited finish line, I send my congrats and best wishes for your future.

I, on the other hand, am waiting patiently for my exams to start. I have a few more weeks till exams come knocking on my door, and studying is just a ridiculous suggestion. Procrastination makes life more exciting. I decided to end my boredom with updating this blog, which I can honestly say I forgot about.  How do people write once a day?! Updating a Facebook status is already a daunting task for me.  So, if you’re avoiding your poorly written notes and the text books that put you to sleep as soon as you open them, I hope this will distract you for ten minutes and allow you to take a break.

I’m sure everyone is day dreaming about summer plans, I know I am. I fly home at the beginning of June and all I can dream about, is…American fast food. I’m sure a food therapist would recommend a two hour session on the importance of healthy eating, but after the talk with the quack I’m hitting up the nearest Taco Bell.

I tried my best not to get homesick at all when I first moved over here. There really was no reason for me to. I was enjoying the change of scenery, friends, and way of life. I was afraid that if I became homesick, that I would have a panic attack or something and need to be sent back home immediately. Wouldn’t that be some drama.

The only time that I ever became homesick is when I was slightly intoxicated and telling my friends, ” I just want to go home to the United States of America.”  My sympathetic friends knew how to comfort me. Holding my head up, one said kindly, “Too bad dude, you’re in Ireland now.”  Ha, what do you tell a girl after taking 20 or more shots of tequila? Being young and stupid is part of the job, and I think my friends and I have done a fantastic job. We’re all just making mistakes so we learn, and pass on the wisdom to the future.

In the beginning, I honestly did not miss family or friends, just food. I need professional help. I’m going to end up a 5’4, 250 pound Asian American living at her parent’s house. (Too much?) I never even ate at fast food restaurants that much back home. I had the occasional Chick-fil-A sandwich, but I usually cooked for myself. So, what’s with the desire to eat at Sonic? “You always want, what you can’t have.”

I know many women are starting diets to get their hot beach bods, but not me. This will be the “SUMMER OF BECCA!”(please read with the enthusiasm of George Costanza) Anyone who desires to join the festivities are welcome with open arms. Plan your beach trips and pool dates. I am planning my attack on Waffle House.

After four months, I finally had my homesick moment. So, don’t worry I’m not soulless. I miss my family and friends very much and cannot wait to see everyone when I get back. I have never liked Columbus,Ga. but I can honestly say, I’m not dreading the return. I have made so many friends in Columbus and it’ll be great if everyone comes to all my personal eating competitions. I’m going to need company, so I don’t look that much more ridiculous eating 40 wings at Buffalo Wild Wings alone. That’s no fun.

I’m still enjoying living in Ireland and kind of sad that time is moving so quickly, but every rain cloud has a silver lining. I’m one day closer to enjoying a chili dog from The Varsity.

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

Good Luck on Exams everyone! Put the books away for a moment, go grab some beer and a $5 pizza from Little Caesar’s.

*I dedicate this ridiculous blog to Nella Jackson and to my vegetarian friend, Mallory.


Bathroom Etiquette 1101

Women all over the world please read this: Learn it and live by it!

Main Issue: It is not acceptable to pass out in a bathroom stall.


No woman gets her own personal “black out” stall.

I truly understand that you had 10 shots of tequila and that Heineken is running straight through your little body, but you have twenty other girls waiting in line with the same problem.

I know you didn’t mean to drink that much, and that this “never happens,” but you gotta pick your big girl panties up (literally) and go pass out some where else.

I’m not being mean when I curse you out, it’s just that I’m about to pee my pants in ten seconds if you don’t get your butt up and get out off the toilet.

Since, I just took away your main hang out spot…I’m going to give you several other options to be at peace while the world is still functioning.

1. The Bar: Yeah, you look like the idiot who drank too much, but people understand. I’ll be way more sympathetic towards you if you are passed out at a table or booth, rather than on the toilet. I feel like you are considerate of others feelings and pee emergencies, so you came out into the crowd to pass out rather than preventing all women from using the facilities.

2. Take-Away Restaurant:  Happens to the best of us, trust me. Get a burger and chips and call it a night. Yeah the manager is going to get mad at you and give you ugly looks, but the upside is you got food and sleep. Everyone else got to eat too and a little entertainment.

3. The Street: I know, it doesn’t sound appealing, but do it with  friends who haven’t had one too many pints like you, and they’ll get you home. You may fall on your head, because your friend tried to carry you home. BUT! Now, you know what a true friend is, and also lesson learned in the morning.

4. The Cab Ride Home:  No harm, no foul. Just make sure you keep money in your purse or pocket so that your friends don’t have to pay for your portion of the fee.

5. Bed: Your bed, your friend’s bed, anyone’s bed as long as it’s not my bed. Do I even need to talk this one up?

Bed time: best time of the day!


So, just do your business and be quick about it. If I can sing all of “Living on a Prayer” while you’re still in the stall, it’s time to go.


I had to release this information out into the world, so that hopefully all women unite under this understanding. Together, we can prevent long lines at the women’s restrooms.

Lesson to be learned from this blog:

Please pass out anywhere and everywhere BUT the ladies’ restroom.


I apologize for neglecting my blog to those of you who anxiously await the next exciting update by yours truly. Can you hear my sarcasm or should I state ‘I’m just kidding’? I don’t update this blog daily, because my day to day schedule usually consists of eating,sleeping,class,eating, and sleeping some more. Throw a good party in there and a night on the town from time to time, but usually nothing different than anyone else’s week. Something that did throw off the norm of the day, was meeting a candidate for the next Prime Minister of Ireland. Life is unpredictable just like this weather.

Gabby, Mallory, and I had one hell of a Friday night, so we didn’t make it to the Aran Islands Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. It’s either a bad hangover in the morning or pouring rain that prevents us from making it happen. We have planned this weekend trip, which moved to a week day trip,and then back to a weekend trip enough times to reschedule it indefinitely until further notice. The three of us got our lives together around 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday and headed to Eyre Square. Postcards and ice cream sundaes were the main goals for the day.

Got off the bus at Eyre Square, walked a few steps, next thing we knew we had twenty photographers in our face. I know Americans are sexy and all, but geez guys give us some room. Yeah, right. We had unknowingly walked right in front of Enda Kenny, political candidate for the next Prime Minister of Ireland. We were unable to determine what all the fuss was over due to the many umbrellas surrounding the crowd, we finally figured out who they were photographing. He wasn’t famous or important to us, so we continued with our plans for shopping and sundaes.


Caught you Kenny

While on Shop street we saw the mass of blue umbrellas coming toward us again, so we turned to get out of the way. Next thing we knew, we were shaking his hand and getting our picture taken. I really wanted to say, ” It’s nice to meet you, but I don’t have a vote.” Of course I would never. I smiled as if I saw Santa Claus and shook the man’s hand.

This reminded me of the time I met Scott Adsit at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC. The room was really small and packed full of people. I was trying to go find a seat and bumped into Mr. Adsit aka, Pete Hornberger from the television show 30 Rock. He’s super tall, so he looked down on 5’4 me, who was star struck and cheesing like a child. My first reaction was not to say,”Hello” or even a “OMG, it’s nice to meet you,” it was to throw my arms out there for a hug. I instantly knew that was weird and awkward, so I quickly took the gesture back. He chuckled, and then walked away. As awkward and ridiculous as that moment was, it makes me laugh ever time. Typical Becca, who is typically strange.

Wanna hug????

Gabby and Mallory didn’t seem to care as much as I did about meeting Enda Kenny. Mallory actually seemed to have forgotten about it when we were discussing it, twenty minutes later. Silly Mallory enjoyed eating her twisty fries at McDonalds more than anything that day. We actually didn’t know who he was until later that evening. I researched the candidates for the election and found him. I’ve read and heard a few things from people. He’s a supporter of the West, so many people in Galway like him. Most of the politicians want to focus more on Dublin and the East. I recently read that he doesn’t want to make learning the Irish Gaelic language mandatory in schools anymore, which has angered many people. The Irish language is already considered a “dying language,” so this decision to take it out of schools will surely end the use of the language for the future.

Here’s a campaign ad for Enda Kenny and his 5 point plan to help Ireland.

I’m not really that big into politics or politicians, but it’d be pretty cool if Enda Kenny became the next Prime Minister for Ireland. Only because I met him, not for his politics that I know nothing about.

The General Election is on February25th , so we’ll see what happens. Sorry Enda Kenny, but you don’t have my vote.

I have no class, no responsibilities, and no worries. How shall I seize the day? Irish television is just as brain numbing as American television and the chips that I devour while sitting on my butt produce the same amount of fat. I know that screams fun, but I decided to change it up a bit. I’m going to go crazy!…on a farm!?

On Tuesdays, I don’t have class. I actually don’t have class on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and had two classes cancelled today. So basically, it’s my choice whether I want to take advantage of this opportunity and learn, or to waste it sitting on my couch watching another episode of Everwood. That’s right, Everwood. The show with the annoying New York City teenager who plays piano and has a genius doctor dad. The last time I saw that show was when I was in middle school. Well, the choice was obvious and I unexpectedly had one of the best days.

Since I had no plans for the day, I tagged along with my roommate, Darragh who had to go to the hospital for a check up and home to Offaly to take care of some things.  He tore his ACL playing hurling, and needed to get the doctor to sign off that he was well enough to go back to work. We waited for over an hour and then the doctor saw him for literally 15 secs, and we left. Typical healthcare service everywhere.

The drive from Galway to Offaly is about an hour and a half. It is about thirty minutes on the motorway, or highway, then the rest of the drive is on narrow back roads. Darragh drives his red Volkswagen at the speed Batman drives the Batmobile. I try not to think about death when I’m riding with him, but I honestly feel like I’ll be meeting God after every sharp turn he takes. I try not to notice that he’s going 80mph on a road meant for a Hotwheels car. He makes me so nervous, but I resisted the need to clap or count when I was frightened. Everyone knows that I freak out and clap my hands,scream, or count to ten when I’m scared in the car. It’s weird, but it’s a habit. Even though the drive was terrifying, it was the most beautiful scenic drive. This country is gorgeous. Green fields and stone walls for miles with castle ruins all along the way.

Offaly is a county in Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is made up of 29 counties and in those counties there are Parishes, or communities.Darragh lives in the parish,Coolderry. Back home in Newnan, I live about twenty minutes from town. Everyone thinks that I live way out in the middle of no where and for some, Megan and Copeland, believe that I live in Alabama. Coggin road is a busy highway of madness compared to Offaly.

Offaly’s Crest

Darragh’s family, the Parlon’s, have owned a farm and about 200 acres of land since the early 1900’s. Darragh plans on taking over the farm when he graduates from GMIT. The house has been passed down for years, so when he takes over the farm his parents will move out and he’ll move in.

Darragh loves living and working on the farm. It’s messy, smelly, and hard work, but he enjoys every second of it. They have about 170 or more cows, and just had three new born calves the other day. Watching Darragh take care of the cows and the stables was fun, but the best part of the day was “quad riding” or four wheeling around his property.


Leap Castle–which is in Darragh’s backyard!?


Every where you looked, the view was beautiful. I couldn’t imagine having such a gorgeous backyard to look out at everyday.


I’d say that this was one of the best days I’ve had here in Ireland. It didn’t include shopping, pubs, or parties, but it included so much more. I was able to see the country, instead of the touristic city.

I learned more information that day than any book or bus tour could have provided.

Can’t wait to see what else is in store for me.

To Blog or Not to Blog that is the question????

I never understood the point, or the desire people had to write blogs. Honestly, I thought those who wrote blogs we’re weird. I thought a blog was a personal journal but available for the public/all of the cyber world to read, which then defeats the purpose of it being personal. Do I really care that you went to the market and bought chicken on sale for $2.50? Or that today is the worst day of your life, because you realized that you gained 10 pounds over Thanksgiving holiday and it’s now showing. No, and no one else does either…well except for Weight Watchers, who would suggest you bake that chicken rather frying it.

Maggie Miller, the director for the Center for International Education, suggested that I write a blog to complete some of my service hours for a scholarship I received. I thought to myself “Hell no! I’m not doing that, only cyber freaks blog.” Then I realized, that this didn’t require me to do anything but ramble about my days here in Ireland, while still sitting on my ass. Fine, I’ll compromise my entire belief system. While I’m at it, I’ll join Twitter and add my mother on Facebook too. I’d express more about it, but you’ll just have to read my ‘tweet’ and ‘like’ it. Heaven help us.

Surprisingly though, people do care. People read and respond to my ridiculous rambles, which I’m aware, are grammatically incorrect. I was shocked my blog was being read and enjoyed. It’s actually turning into some fun. I send little pieces of my day out into the world for others to enjoy, laugh about, or ignore….and it’s all okay.

Part of this trip is to learn other’s cultures and experiences. Every day I’m learning something new about my new Irish,French,German,Finnish,Spanish,and even American friends. It’s interesting and fun to learn the groups’ similarities and differences. I’m doing the same by reading others’ blogs. I read some kid’s blog and now I’m experiencing his daily life in South Korea. Or I read Claire’s and I’m having tea and crumpets with her in Oxford, England. Now, I’m reading blogs written by friends and complete strangers and learning so much. I read a pilot’s blog about ridiculous flight attendants and their dumb questions about turbulence. I know now that if I ever become a flight attendant, don’t bug the pilot by asking how long it’s going to be “bumpy.”

Seemingly most people surround themselves with others who have the same interest. There is nothing wrong with that, I’m guilty of that as well. Most of my friends have similar opinions and ideas as I do, thats what made us friends. The blog world allows me to read others’ opinions and views that are different than my own. I hear their side of the story, their views on the subject. I feel like through this trip and blogs, I’m really learning more about what others offer and take away from society. I’m escaping from my bubble in the real world and the cyber world. I’m not cutting all human interaction off by staying on the internet and blogging my life away, thats when things get cyber freak weird. This is just another teaching tool.


Makes me laugh, cause it's me.

If you think about it, how many hours a day do you spend on the internet? How many of those hours are you just on Facebook? At least now I have something to distract me from Facebook. Instead of spending 2 hours stalking other’s photos, I’ll only spend an hour. My Facebook therapist calls that progress.


By Blogging, I'm increasing my percentage of learning..so says the pyramid.

I need to learn something new every day…something other than the fact that Sally and Joe are in a ‘complicated relationship ‘..again.

So in conclusion, I say, “thanks” to everyone reading this blog and “thanks” to others for writing blogs.


Glasan Ghost town

Back home it seems the weekends go by so fast, and before you know it Monday’s responsibilities are knocking at the door. In Galway, it feels like Monday is never going to arrive. On the weekends most of the students go home to visit their families and  to work. The apartment complex that I live in is called Glasan, which is made up of all students. So every weekend this place is said to be a ghost town, and so far it’s a true statement. It is so quiet and empty which is very unusual here. On the weekdays, the students party probably every night. My neighbors had a party last Thursday till 11:30pm, and then all went to Eyre Square to the pubs and clubs. It’s insane! I went out on Monday,Wednesday, and Friday. It’s the first week of school with professors who don’t teach or don’t show up, so it was fine. There was nothing to learn but which club and pub is the best. These weekends of do nothing is going to get old quick, so I started looking into flights with my soon to be traveling partner, Mallory, to other places in Europe. The question is “where to first?”

Paris? London? Amsterdam?!


The Euro is worth more than the dollar, so for every Euro I spend I feel like I’m spending two dollars. This place eats my money up like a hungry monster.  Since everyone goes home for the weekends, there really isn’t much to do. Mallory is going to look for a job this week, so she can work the weekends,have something to do, and make extra cash. I have three jobs back home and really didn’t intend on working here, but it’s an idea that I’m looking into now. Extra euros never hurt anyone.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friends Marie and Michael who are French. They also live in Glasan, and invited me over to their house tonight. Their roommates actually stayed home this weekend, so we all played UNO. UNO is a universal Godsend. The group consisted of two French, one Irish, one Asian-American(that’s me!), one 1/2 German 1/2 Irish, and a one 1/2 Latvian 1/2 Ukrainian. All with different accents and with different UNO rules. So basically, Mattel’s creation of the card game, UNO, bonded all cultures.

The weather has been outstanding this entire week. Not a drop of rain. I say that, and tomorrow it’ll probably pour all day long. This place is beyond beautiful and looks like spring but feels like winter. Tomorrow a group of us are going to the beach. I’m still loving every minute here and have made many wonderful friends. It’s 1:40 am, and I’m about to go eat pizza with Mallory.

Gotta love college life in Ireland.

To be late is to be on time

“Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable”….except in Ireland.

If you know me, you already know that I run on “Becca Time.” If we agree to meet at 12:00 I’m going to leave my house at 12:00, and arrive 15mins late. How did this bad habit arrive? Unfortunately, I can not blame my mother for this. I am just a procrastinator and awful at being prompt.

I think I have found my utopia. Time really isn’t a concern for my Irish mates. The first day of class the professor arrived 15mins late, and then ended the class 10mins later. Then today, I was suppose to be in my class at 1:00pm. Getting use to the unimportance of time, I jumped back into my old ways. I left the house at 1:00, and found my professor, who was just as lost as I was at 1:15. He didn’t even know the room number for the class. If I had not seen him before class, he may have never showed up to teach at all. Today we were suppose to have a two hour lecture. We began class at 1:20, had a 15min smoke break, and then ended at 2:30. Perfection for any college student, at least this college girl.

Everyone here is very relaxed and chill. Nothing is of any importance and if it is, it can be dealt with tomorrow or next week.

This entire city runs on “Becca Time” and it’s working out perfectly.

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