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In need of a lucky charm

I could begin by listing a number of complaints, but why complain? My daily wish is to be as far away from Columbus, Georgia as possible and today my wish came true!! We had to jump through a few hurdles to get here but we made it. Instead of looking at the beginning of our journey through “negative Nancy” glasses, I just giggle at God’s humor.

Due to the snow/ice storm, our flights got cancelled, rescheduled, lost, rebooked, and lost again. No worries. I luckily got the last seat on a direct flight from Atlanta to Dublin. The airport was surprisingly not in chaos. Everyone was as cool as a cucumber, except the security guard. I wasn’t nervous at all about security until I heard the guard screaming at a girl, who was probably around the same age as me. With a voice as loud as thunder, he yelled ” WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!? DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!? THIS IS SECURITY! GET YOUR SELF TOGETHER AND WHEN YOU FINALLY ARE READY THEN COME BACK!!” This moment reminded me of the time my dad took me to practice how to parallel park the day before my drivers test. Like a bad flashback I could remember my dad yelling in the car, ” JUST FORGET IT! YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO DRIVE! YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL THE TEST SO LET’S QUIT AND GO HOME!” Silly ol’ Bruce… I showed him. It’s been four years with only three wrecks, two cars and 6 tickets. And he said I couldn’t drive..ha!

Successfully made it through security and onto the plane. I sat in Zone 3 a good distances from Angela’s seat. No big deal. I’ll see her for the next 6months and I thought, “hey, maybe Passenger 33A will become a new friend.” Oh a new friend in deed. This is where God’s sense of humor comes into play. The Big Guy knows my ridiculous fears. So he finds it cute to seat me next to an 8 year old little girl named Holly.

I think I could write a novel on Holly and her twin brother Adam. They were the two sweetest children, but asked about ten million questions. Holly informed me that she ate a ton of Wonka chocolate and drank lots of fizzy drinks before she got on the plane so that she could stay awake the whole time. Lucky me. It was fun talking to her for the first hour, and then it just became a headache. Holly did not believe in the use of an inside voice either. Many of the passengers in Zone 3 looked at me with the, “I’m so very very sorry” look. I turned my ipod on and tried to act asleep, but Holly kept talking. She allowed me to sleep for one hour and the rest of the time I felt like I was on the “Holly and Adam Irish talk show.” I know everything about Holly. She’s from Dublin, favorite colors are light colors but not pastels, Katy Perry is her favorite music artist, and she loves Coca-Cola and Subway. Oh, and Adam likes beer not wine. He also enjoys Bacardi and coke.

I mistakenly told Holly, who then told all of Zone 3 passengers that  I was traveling to Galway. All I kept thinking was, “this 8 year old is going to be the reason I get taken. My dad doesn’t have a set of skills to come find me!”

After one hour of sleep for me and 8 fizzy drinks for Holly, we landed in Dublin. Even though Holly was an annoying chatter box, I’m going to miss her and Adam. They gave me lots of useful information on how to find and avoid leprechauns. I didn’t understand whether they liked leprechauns or not because I tried not to ask questions.


Angela and I are too tired to function. Once we arrived in Dublin, we got on a bus to take a 3 1/2 hour ride to Galway. Then we ran to our apartment. Dropped everything off and then ran to the university for orientation. All in the rain.

It’s been a long day, but I’m excited for tomorrow. We have the whole weekend to explore. It hasn’t hit me yet that I’m going to be here till June. Angela is already a little homesick, but it’ll soon pass I’m sure. She hasn’t had the best of luck with traveling. So maybe I don’t need the lucky charm, but would like one for Angela and I to share.

Day 1 Done.


Comments on: "In need of a lucky charm" (2)

  1. I. Love. This. Glad I got to talk to you tonight!

  2. This makes me miss you! I laughed so many times while reading this. God is brilliant. I believe that when we meet ppl, it is never by chance. Each time is a divine intervention. I love you!

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