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Singing in the Rain

“Come on with the rain
I’ve a smile on my face”-Gene Kelly

The sun may not have shined much, but it was definitely a brighter day. After much needed rest Angela and I were ready to take on the city of Galway.

None of the students are back yet from Christmas break, so we are our own tour guides. It’s a 15 min bus ride into Galway’s city center, which is where most of the shops and pubs are. We started the day off with something we are very much familiar with back home..shopping. Hey, it’s what girls do best and Angela and I are professionals.

After we went shopping we decided, when in Ireland..do as the Irish do. First pub, the Kings Head. The Kings Head dates back over 800 years and still has many patrons today. With soccer on the television and a Guinness in hand, the men were in pure bliss. I like soccer.. so all I needed was the Guinness and I’d join the happy crowd too. Everyone said that I wouldn’t like it, so with much hesitation I tried it. Surprise Surprise, it was very good. Angela didn’t like it so much, but then again Angela doesn’t like beer. I’m going to change her taste buds before the trip is over.

I believe Angela enjoyed the today much better than yesterday. To make her feel better I bought her first Kinderegg. If a Kinderegg can’t make you happy, I don’t know what will!?The milk chocolaty egg brings happiness to my stomach and the toy brings joy to my heart.

Walking in the rain all day can wear a person out. We went back home around seven o’clock to take a break and relax. Went back out into the rainy city around eight thirty to get something to eat. At the bus stop we met some Irish guys ( I know that sounds ridiculous that I specify they are Irish, but the first people we met here were French). After introductions, they decided to be our tour guides for the evening. Starving we asked if we could go eat first. The only place open was a place called SuperMacs (which is all American food basically..Quiznos, Papa Johns, and a burger place that is basically like McDonalds). Jack told us that all the pubs close the kitchen at nine o’clock. Question: “Where is the local Waffle House or Taco Bell?” -fail.  Jack said “eating is cheating, you should be drinking.” I listened to my tour guide and followed him to a pub called The Hole in the Wall. Then to another pub for free cocktails and then with much persuasion from the guys  we went to Club K.

“Dance like no one is watching” must have been a phrase taken to heart by the patrons of Club K. The dancing was a lot different and honestly, a lot more fun. Words can not even describe the amusement it brought me to watch everyone dance. I think Angela and I danced our socks off! Ridiculously tired and ready to be home, Jack and DJ shared and paid for our taxi back to the apartment.


1st Friend in Ireland

After dancing and going to the pubs, Angela is enjoying Galway a lot more now and not packing her bags just yet. No tears for her today 🙂 I’m having a blast and not ready for school to start Monday. Angela has said several times that she is ready for classes to start. Yikes! not me. Keep the fun coming and the books a good distances away.

Today was filled with great craic or fun. Made friends and had lots of fun exploring. Tomorrow, the guys are taking us to lunch and then showing us more of Galway.

In the day time, the city seems like the classic song and movie Singing in the Rain with the charming Gene Kelly. Oh, but at night the city goes modern like the Glee performance of Umbrella-Singing in the Rain. Did I just compare Galway to Glee?

Yes…yes, I did.

\”Umbrella-Singin\’ In the Rain\”






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