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Glasan Ghost town

Back home it seems the weekends go by so fast, and before you know it Monday’s responsibilities are knocking at the door. In Galway, it feels like Monday is never going to arrive. On the weekends most of the students go home to visit their families and  to work. The apartment complex that I live in is called Glasan, which is made up of all students. So every weekend this place is said to be a ghost town, and so far it’s a true statement. It is so quiet and empty which is very unusual here. On the weekdays, the students party probably every night. My neighbors had a party last Thursday till 11:30pm, and then all went to Eyre Square to the pubs and clubs. It’s insane! I went out on Monday,Wednesday, and Friday. It’s the first week of school with professors who don’t teach or don’t show up, so it was fine. There was nothing to learn but which club and pub is the best. These weekends of do nothing is going to get old quick, so I started looking into flights with my soon to be traveling partner, Mallory, to other places in Europe. The question is “where to first?”

Paris? London? Amsterdam?!


The Euro is worth more than the dollar, so for every Euro I spend I feel like I’m spending two dollars. This place eats my money up like a hungry monster.  Since everyone goes home for the weekends, there really isn’t much to do. Mallory is going to look for a job this week, so she can work the weekends,have something to do, and make extra cash. I have three jobs back home and really didn’t intend on working here, but it’s an idea that I’m looking into now. Extra euros never hurt anyone.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friends Marie and Michael who are French. They also live in Glasan, and invited me over to their house tonight. Their roommates actually stayed home this weekend, so we all played UNO. UNO is a universal Godsend. The group consisted of two French, one Irish, one Asian-American(that’s me!), one 1/2 German 1/2 Irish, and a one 1/2 Latvian 1/2 Ukrainian. All with different accents and with different UNO rules. So basically, Mattel’s creation of the card game, UNO, bonded all cultures.

The weather has been outstanding this entire week. Not a drop of rain. I say that, and tomorrow it’ll probably pour all day long. This place is beyond beautiful and looks like spring but feels like winter. Tomorrow a group of us are going to the beach. I’m still loving every minute here and have made many wonderful friends. It’s 1:40 am, and I’m about to go eat pizza with Mallory.

Gotta love college life in Ireland.


Comments on: "Glasan Ghost town" (6)

  1. 🙂 I knew you would go get pizza. Ours was delish. your blog really really makes me want to travel. if I show up at your doorway one day, don’t be surprised.

  2. omg that sounds so fun –(especially multi-cultural UNO.)
    Come to Amsterdam with me! one of my friends went over Christmas break and said it was gorgeous and the people are nice…and there’s lots to see with OR without the mary jane 😉

  3. life with other travelers is the most wonderful thing. i hope the freshness of other cultures never gets old. learning other countries’ drinking games is great fun. we taught the german & colombian assistants circle of death, & playing it in french made for a pretty memorable night.

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