I'll Study Tomorrow so I Can Learn Today

To Blog or Not to Blog that is the question????

I never understood the point, or the desire people had to write blogs. Honestly, I thought those who wrote blogs we’re weird. I thought a blog was a personal journal but available for the public/all of the cyber world to read, which then defeats the purpose of it being personal. Do I really care that you went to the market and bought chicken on sale for $2.50? Or that today is the worst day of your life, because you realized that you gained 10 pounds over Thanksgiving holiday and it’s now showing. No, and no one else does either…well except for Weight Watchers, who would suggest you bake that chicken rather frying it.

Maggie Miller, the director for the Center for International Education, suggested that I write a blog to complete some of my service hours for a scholarship I received. I thought to myself “Hell no! I’m not doing that, only cyber freaks blog.” Then I realized, that this didn’t require me to do anything but ramble about my days here in Ireland, while still sitting on my ass. Fine, I’ll compromise my entire belief system. While I’m at it, I’ll join Twitter and add my mother on Facebook too. I’d express more about it, but you’ll just have to read my ‘tweet’ and ‘like’ it. Heaven help us.

Surprisingly though, people do care. People read and respond to my ridiculous rambles, which I’m aware, are grammatically incorrect. I was shocked my blog was being read and enjoyed. It’s actually turning into some fun. I send little pieces of my day out into the world for others to enjoy, laugh about, or ignore….and it’s all okay.

Part of this trip is to learn other’s cultures and experiences. Every day I’m learning something new about my new Irish,French,German,Finnish,Spanish,and even American friends. It’s interesting and fun to learn the groups’ similarities and differences. I’m doing the same by reading others’ blogs. I read some kid’s blog and now I’m experiencing his daily life in South Korea. Or I read Claire’s and I’m having tea and crumpets with her in Oxford, England. Now, I’m reading blogs written by friends and complete strangers and learning so much. I read a pilot’s blog about ridiculous flight attendants and their dumb questions about turbulence. I know now that if I ever become a flight attendant, don’t bug the pilot by asking how long it’s going to be “bumpy.”

Seemingly most people surround themselves with others who have the same interest. There is nothing wrong with that, I’m guilty of that as well. Most of my friends have similar opinions and ideas as I do, thats what made us friends. The blog world allows me to read others’ opinions and views that are different than my own. I hear their side of the story, their views on the subject. I feel like through this trip and blogs, I’m really learning more about what others offer and take away from society. I’m escaping from my bubble in the real world and the cyber world. I’m not cutting all human interaction off by staying on the internet and blogging my life away, thats when things get cyber freak weird. This is just another teaching tool.


Makes me laugh, cause it's me.

If you think about it, how many hours a day do you spend on the internet? How many of those hours are you just on Facebook? At least now I have something to distract me from Facebook. Instead of spending 2 hours stalking other’s photos, I’ll only spend an hour. My Facebook therapist calls that progress.


By Blogging, I'm increasing my percentage of learning..so says the pyramid.

I need to learn something new every day…something other than the fact that Sally and Joe are in a ‘complicated relationship ‘..again.

So in conclusion, I say, “thanks” to everyone reading this blog and “thanks” to others for writing blogs.



Comments on: "Understanding the ‘Blog World’" (2)

  1. I love this blog! You are so amazing – sounds like this experience will live up to the ‘life changing’ promise 🙂

  2. I love your blog too!! Even though your 1000s of miles away, I can still get filled in on whats going on in your life 🙂

    I miss you!!! But I’m so happy youre having a great time!

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