I'll Study Tomorrow so I Can Learn Today

I have no class, no responsibilities, and no worries. How shall I seize the day? Irish television is just as brain numbing as American television and the chips that I devour while sitting on my butt produce the same amount of fat. I know that screams fun, but I decided to change it up a bit. I’m going to go crazy!…on a farm!?

On Tuesdays, I don’t have class. I actually don’t have class on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and had two classes cancelled today. So basically, it’s my choice whether I want to take advantage of this opportunity and learn, or to waste it sitting on my couch watching another episode of Everwood. That’s right, Everwood. The show with the annoying New York City teenager who plays piano and has a genius doctor dad. The last time I saw that show was when I was in middle school. Well, the choice was obvious and I unexpectedly had one of the best days.

Since I had no plans for the day, I tagged along with my roommate, Darragh who had to go to the hospital for a check up and home to Offaly to take care of some things.  He tore his ACL playing hurling, and needed to get the doctor to sign off that he was well enough to go back to work. We waited for over an hour and then the doctor saw him for literally 15 secs, and we left. Typical healthcare service everywhere.

The drive from Galway to Offaly is about an hour and a half. It is about thirty minutes on the motorway, or highway, then the rest of the drive is on narrow back roads. Darragh drives his red Volkswagen at the speed Batman drives the Batmobile. I try not to think about death when I’m riding with him, but I honestly feel like I’ll be meeting God after every sharp turn he takes. I try not to notice that he’s going 80mph on a road meant for a Hotwheels car. He makes me so nervous, but I resisted the need to clap or count when I was frightened. Everyone knows that I freak out and clap my hands,scream, or count to ten when I’m scared in the car. It’s weird, but it’s a habit. Even though the drive was terrifying, it was the most beautiful scenic drive. This country is gorgeous. Green fields and stone walls for miles with castle ruins all along the way.

Offaly is a county in Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is made up of 29 counties and in those counties there are Parishes, or communities.Darragh lives in the parish,Coolderry. Back home in Newnan, I live about twenty minutes from town. Everyone thinks that I live way out in the middle of no where and for some, Megan and Copeland, believe that I live in Alabama. Coggin road is a busy highway of madness compared to Offaly.

Offaly’s Crest

Darragh’s family, the Parlon’s, have owned a farm and about 200 acres of land since the early 1900’s. Darragh plans on taking over the farm when he graduates from GMIT. The house has been passed down for years, so when he takes over the farm his parents will move out and he’ll move in.

Darragh loves living and working on the farm. It’s messy, smelly, and hard work, but he enjoys every second of it. They have about 170 or more cows, and just had three new born calves the other day. Watching Darragh take care of the cows and the stables was fun, but the best part of the day was “quad riding” or four wheeling around his property.


Leap Castle–which is in Darragh’s backyard!?


Every where you looked, the view was beautiful. I couldn’t imagine having such a gorgeous backyard to look out at everyday.


I’d say that this was one of the best days I’ve had here in Ireland. It didn’t include shopping, pubs, or parties, but it included so much more. I was able to see the country, instead of the touristic city.

I learned more information that day than any book or bus tour could have provided.

Can’t wait to see what else is in store for me.


Comments on: "Coggin Road doesn’t even compare" (5)

  1. Hey Becca! It’s Hayley (McGee)
    I just wanted to leave you a comment letting you know that I’m keeping up with your blog, so keep the posts coming! You’ve probably already written more in the few weeks you’ve been there than I did in my whole 9 months over there lol Keep it up!!
    I’ve also linked you up to my blog (thesoundofonevoice.wordpress.com) so I hope that’s okay. I’m so glad you seem to be enjoying yourself. You should really try to hook up with Claire on one of your long weekends and go to formal hall with her and get a tour of Oxford from a ‘townie’ lol.
    Keep it up, you are awesome!

    • Aw thanks Hayley! And Claire is coming to Ireland when she has 6 weeks to be homeless in Europe haha. So no worries, we’re gonna get together soon!

  2. Becca, I love being able to follow you adventures in Ireland! I feel like Im living vicariously through you until I get there!

  3. What a frankly amazing blog post!!!

    • Thank you so much. I sadly stopped writing while I was in Ireland. This was my first blog, and I wish I had continued with it. Thank you for your kind words.

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