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I apologize for neglecting my blog to those of you who anxiously await the next exciting update by yours truly. Can you hear my sarcasm or should I state ‘I’m just kidding’? I don’t update this blog daily, because my day to day schedule usually consists of eating,sleeping,class,eating, and sleeping some more. Throw a good party in there and a night on the town from time to time, but usually nothing different than anyone else’s week. Something that did throw off the norm of the day, was meeting a candidate for the next Prime Minister of Ireland. Life is unpredictable just like this weather.

Gabby, Mallory, and I had one hell of a Friday night, so we didn’t make it to the Aran Islands Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. It’s either a bad hangover in the morning or pouring rain that prevents us from making it happen. We have planned this weekend trip, which moved to a week day trip,and then back to a weekend trip enough times to reschedule it indefinitely until further notice. The three of us got our lives together around 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday and headed to Eyre Square. Postcards and ice cream sundaes were the main goals for the day.

Got off the bus at Eyre Square, walked a few steps, next thing we knew we had twenty photographers in our face. I know Americans are sexy and all, but geez guys give us some room. Yeah, right. We had unknowingly walked right in front of Enda Kenny, political candidate for the next Prime Minister of Ireland. We were unable to determine what all the fuss was over due to the many umbrellas surrounding the crowd, we finally figured out who they were photographing. He wasn’t famous or important to us, so we continued with our plans for shopping and sundaes.


Caught you Kenny

While on Shop street we saw the mass of blue umbrellas coming toward us again, so we turned to get out of the way. Next thing we knew, we were shaking his hand and getting our picture taken. I really wanted to say, ” It’s nice to meet you, but I don’t have a vote.” Of course I would never. I smiled as if I saw Santa Claus and shook the man’s hand.

This reminded me of the time I met Scott Adsit at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC. The room was really small and packed full of people. I was trying to go find a seat and bumped into Mr. Adsit aka, Pete Hornberger from the television show 30 Rock. He’s super tall, so he looked down on 5’4 me, who was star struck and cheesing like a child. My first reaction was not to say,”Hello” or even a “OMG, it’s nice to meet you,” it was to throw my arms out there for a hug. I instantly knew that was weird and awkward, so I quickly took the gesture back. He chuckled, and then walked away. As awkward and ridiculous as that moment was, it makes me laugh ever time. Typical Becca, who is typically strange.

Wanna hug????

Gabby and Mallory didn’t seem to care as much as I did about meeting Enda Kenny. Mallory actually seemed to have forgotten about it when we were discussing it, twenty minutes later. Silly Mallory enjoyed eating her twisty fries at McDonalds more than anything that day. We actually didn’t know who he was until later that evening. I researched the candidates for the election and found him. I’ve read and heard a few things from people. He’s a supporter of the West, so many people in Galway like him. Most of the politicians want to focus more on Dublin and the East. I recently read that he doesn’t want to make learning the Irish Gaelic language mandatory in schools anymore, which has angered many people. The Irish language is already considered a “dying language,” so this decision to take it out of schools will surely end the use of the language for the future.

Here’s a campaign ad for Enda Kenny and his 5 point plan to help Ireland.

I’m not really that big into politics or politicians, but it’d be pretty cool if Enda Kenny became the next Prime Minister for Ireland. Only because I met him, not for his politics that I know nothing about.

The General Election is on February25th , so we’ll see what happens. Sorry Enda Kenny, but you don’t have my vote.


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  1. My sweet friend. I just burst into laughter when I imagined you hugging that man.

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