I'll Study Tomorrow so I Can Learn Today

I’m sure many of my friends back home are enjoying the comforts of the library and labs at the moment. I want to wish everyone good luck on their exams. To those crossing the long awaited finish line, I send my congrats and best wishes for your future.

I, on the other hand, am waiting patiently for my exams to start. I have a few more weeks till exams come knocking on my door, and studying is just a ridiculous suggestion. Procrastination makes life more exciting. I decided to end my boredom with updating this blog, which I can honestly say I forgot about.  How do people write once a day?! Updating a Facebook status is already a daunting task for me.  So, if you’re avoiding your poorly written notes and the text books that put you to sleep as soon as you open them, I hope this will distract you for ten minutes and allow you to take a break.

I’m sure everyone is day dreaming about summer plans, I know I am. I fly home at the beginning of June and all I can dream about, is…American fast food. I’m sure a food therapist would recommend a two hour session on the importance of healthy eating, but after the talk with the quack I’m hitting up the nearest Taco Bell.

I tried my best not to get homesick at all when I first moved over here. There really was no reason for me to. I was enjoying the change of scenery, friends, and way of life. I was afraid that if I became homesick, that I would have a panic attack or something and need to be sent back home immediately. Wouldn’t that be some drama.

The only time that I ever became homesick is when I was slightly intoxicated and telling my friends, ” I just want to go home to the United States of America.”  My sympathetic friends knew how to comfort me. Holding my head up, one said kindly, “Too bad dude, you’re in Ireland now.”  Ha, what do you tell a girl after taking 20 or more shots of tequila? Being young and stupid is part of the job, and I think my friends and I have done a fantastic job. We’re all just making mistakes so we learn, and pass on the wisdom to the future.

In the beginning, I honestly did not miss family or friends, just food. I need professional help. I’m going to end up a 5’4, 250 pound Asian American living at her parent’s house. (Too much?) I never even ate at fast food restaurants that much back home. I had the occasional Chick-fil-A sandwich, but I usually cooked for myself. So, what’s with the desire to eat at Sonic? “You always want, what you can’t have.”

I know many women are starting diets to get their hot beach bods, but not me. This will be the “SUMMER OF BECCA!”(please read with the enthusiasm of George Costanza) Anyone who desires to join the festivities are welcome with open arms. Plan your beach trips and pool dates. I am planning my attack on Waffle House.

After four months, I finally had my homesick moment. So, don’t worry I’m not soulless. I miss my family and friends very much and cannot wait to see everyone when I get back. I have never liked Columbus,Ga. but I can honestly say, I’m not dreading the return. I have made so many friends in Columbus and it’ll be great if everyone comes to all my personal eating competitions. I’m going to need company, so I don’t look that much more ridiculous eating 40 wings at Buffalo Wild Wings alone. That’s no fun.

I’m still enjoying living in Ireland and kind of sad that time is moving so quickly, but every rain cloud has a silver lining. I’m one day closer to enjoying a chili dog from The Varsity.

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

Good Luck on Exams everyone! Put the books away for a moment, go grab some beer and a $5 pizza from Little Caesar’s.

*I dedicate this ridiculous blog to Nella Jackson and to my vegetarian friend, Mallory.


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  1. I loveeee this post.

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